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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by runninbob, Mar 5, 2011.

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    DS is an accomplished trumpet/trombone player in his school marching, pep, and jazz bands. Also section leader in marching band. Haven't seen much in these forums about band kids. Is band considered like athletics ? How are the band spots filled at the academy ? Does any one else play in the band, or have a kid that does. As usual , good luck to all.
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    There will be an opportunity to try out for the Plebe Summer Drum and Bugle Corps and a chance to move up during academic year. There are several other opportunities to perform as the year goes on in jazz bands, etc. I'm sure we have some mids and parents who can provide much more information in this vein. Best wishes.
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    DD was a trumpet player in HS - both concert and jazz. During Plebe Summer she tried out and made the Drum & Bugle Corps. The D&B met most days for drill and performed any number of times, most notably during PPW formation and parade.

    There was another tryout at reform. During the fall semester, D&B does colors, meal formation, travels to every football game (the whole D&B for home games and split for away - except Army and ND), traveled to San Diego for the Poinsettia Bowl and gave some concerts there (parades were rained out), forms into a pep band for some home BB games, when to Tampa for Gasparilla Parade. Probably lots more I don't hear about.

    DD liked it very much. Whether she'll do it next year depends on a lot of things but enjoying it is not one of them.

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