based on 2021 Appointment thread


Jan 22, 2018
One year ago, roughly 26 appointments were posted between the dates 2/13/17 thru 3/1/17. Class of '17 on I-Day was 1207 (internet#) Total posted to "2017 appointment thread" was 169. So if my math is correct roughly 175 appointments will be handed out in the next two weeks with 26 or so posted to "22 thread. Hold on folks it should start to heat up. Best of luck to all!
One data point does not make a trend, and posts like this only create unnecessary angst. I can say with a fair degree of confidence that things will heat up between now and April 15, but it isn't going to come any faster or slower based upon what you see here.
Yeah, kind of wonder if anyone from USNA Admissions gets on these threads and shakes their heads?
The BGO's and vast majority of knowledgeable regulars on this site do a very good job of providing current/accurate information. Those how make wild guesses or try to extrapolate data should instead post what is factual as mentioned above.
Two things. You can't extrapolate data from this site as being meaningful b/c there is no way to know how folks who post here compare to the rest of those applying. Second, USNA's timetable this year may differ slightly from that last year. However, as OldNavyBGO noted, a large number of appointments historically have come out in February and early March.