Baseline Pulmonary function test, normal...


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Dec 13, 2007
My daughter took the baseline pulmonary function test last tuesday. We were sent to the right facility and close to home. Thanks for the amazing help and support you have provided !:thumb: The results stated: normal... Now hopefully they already have forwarded the results to Dodmerb. I am not sure if the DQ would be removed by Dodmer or if they have to forward it to the waiver authority in Fort Monroe. The DQ does not state "history of".
Hopefully this should be enough to get this DQ removed... Thank God they did not request the other type of asthma test (forgot the name...) I thought this was a good indication also... I will let you know as soon as we here the GOOD NEWS...
By the way, any idea how long till we hear?
In the meantime Daughter will enjoy hockey game at WP on Sunday!
Go Army!!!!!:biggrin:
Most likely DoDMERB will not be able to remove the disqualification. You are correct that it is not a "history of" disqualification, but it is asthma/reactive airway disease after the 13th birthday.

That the test reads "normal" is a great sign, and I would say the chances of a waiver have gone up at this point in time.