Basic Cadet Mail


Mar 15, 2017
We've been sending letters to my daughter everyday that we can, but we just got a letter from her saying that she hasn't gotten any letters from us. We've been traveling, so we've mailed letters from CO, KS and TX. My parents have sent her letters and she's gotten those, and we all have the same address for her. We're not including anything that we shouldn't. They are just letters. How do we find out what the heck is up with her mail?
What Co. Is she in? Some mail priveledges get temporarily revoked for disciplinary reasons but usually just a few days max. DS' I Co. had this happen and then he got a ton of letters all on same day.

Also some mail got sent to Buckner mistakenly and took a few days to get back on campus.

I bet by now she got mail; but of course triple check the address and company details.
At USAFA, the cadre does not and will not withhold mail as punishment.

If she is getting some letters, that should be evident.

It depends on the sending post office as well as frequency of mail room visits by the basics.

Understand that the mail you receive may be as many as 5 days old, depending on when she wrote the letter then had the opportunity to mail it.
DD is in B Squad. The letter that we got saying that she didn't have any mail was from the 11th. Some of our letters were mailed out while we were still in Colorado Springs. Anyway, I hope that she does get them soon!

And thank you for your responses.
# your letters on the front of the envelope so she can read them in sequence...but I guess she could just go by the postmarks.