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    I am worrying a lot about the bastketball throw right now. I'm not sure when my CFA will be, but I am positive it will be in about a month.

    I am having trouble with the basketball throw, primarily. I think I'm doing well on the other events (and I will post them here when I do a practice CFA Friday... I can't remeber all the scores from doing it at SS). I got 44' at SS and I can't throw much further :eek: , I discovered to my dismay yesterday when I practiced.

    But I have been having back problems this past month, which I believe to be cause by bad inserts in my running shoes. I run XC so I've had the same inserts in my shoes for over two years, and when I recently bought a new pair of running shoes, I forgot to buy the same inserts. I have them now and I have been seeing my chiropractor, so my back is getting better but it is still sore.

    Is there any way of improving my BB throw without tweaking my back in such a way that it would set my pain back another few weeks?
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    Practice with baseball long toss.

    My advice: get two baseball gloves and tomorrow start throwing a baseball or softball to a friend. For the first couple times, take it easy. Just 20-30 throws at 20-30 yards. After a couple days, increase your throws to 30-40 yards and further and keep increasing. After two weeks, start incorporating a basketball and start with throws of 10-15 yards and slowly, (note, I said slowly move apart each day.) Do not overthrow!!!!!! In other words, do not end up with an arm or shoulder injury!!!!!!! You need to improve gradually. Baseball/softball long toss will build up your throwing motion and shoulder. This is what baseball pitchers do to build up their arms.

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