Oct 27, 2016
I was recently accepted into Boston College and I was completely shocked at the acceptance. I was so sure that I was going to rejected (because of my low SAT scores) that I took BC off my first place position in terms of ROTC schools. Should I email NROTC and request that BC is top on my list because I believe that I will be attending the school. I am nervous however to do this because I feel like I will not receive the scholarship to BC because my SAT scores are not within the averages of the school. Should I maybe tell them that I was accepted and would that show that BC accepted my low SAT scores? Would something like that help? Any advice would be great. Thank you!
Being accepted to BU, or any school, has no impact on whether you will receive a scholarship or where it will be placed. Placement is simply based on whether the scholarship selectee's first choice school has space available in the freshman class. The placement folks don't look at it any more deeply than that.