Bedding for SLE


Feb 10, 2018
I see on the packing list for SLE that "bed linens" are required. Is a sleeping bag acceptable? If not, should I purchase Twin Regular or XL sheets?
We were required to make our beds for “inspection” last year, so a sleeping bag probably wouldn’t cut it. I believe the sheets should be XL. Also, don’t forget a pillow.
DS went to NASS and AIM (which is I know isn't SLE) but he brought bedding and a small travel pillow. I think we got sheets from the clearance section somewhere - the absolute cheapest we could find. We told DS that if he had trouble packing his stuff home he should just throw the towels, sheets, pillow away as it would be cheaper than paying to have to check another bag on the plane coming home. I think he left his towels because they were wet but the sheets and pillow came home. If you are flying sheets are going to take up much less space than a sleeping bag.