1. O

    Tips for SLE: Packing-Specific and General

    Hey guys, I will be attending the second SLE session this year from June 10th to June 16th. I was wondering if any SLE alums had helpful tips that pertain to packing-specific tips (e.g. additional things that may not be on the list but are helpful to have) as well as general tips (e.g. how to...
  2. M

    West Point SLE 2022 notifications?

    Does anyone know how or when candidates for SLE Summer Leader Experience 2022 will be notified of either selection or non-selection? (Portal? Email?) The website said “in April” but I’m just wondering if it has been a rolling admissions (as in past years) or if others have heard positive or...
  3. C

    SLE 2021 blackboard login

    Hi everyone, just wanted to see if anyone else is having trouble logging into blackboard for SLE.
  4. I

    Sit-ups for 2021 CFA

    Hi! I'm preparing for the CFA at NASS/SLE (hopefully), and I've seen a lot of different information on the sit-ups. I'm not sure if its sit ups (feet under something, elbows to mid-thigh) or simple crunches (feet not under something, just getting shoulder blades off the ground). If anyone could...
  5. G

    NASS decisions

    I sent my application for the Summer Seminar the first day it was open (as I’m sure many other exciting C/O2026 candidates did). I have not yet heard back a decision either way about my admissions status. Does anyone have an idea as to when I can expect a decision? It is not life or death, but...
  6. Astromatter

    Quick Question About ECs on the SLE Application

    I was filling out my SLE application for 2021 when I saw Boys State listed on the checklist for extracurriculars. I am yet to have participated in Boys State, but I was selected to attend the next session. Would I check it off?
  7. E

    SLE Eligibility

    Is there any possible way for me to apply for SLE in the future? I am not a high school junior and am graduating this year. If not, are there other summer programs for older applicants? Thank you.
  8. B

    Camera/Phone at SLE?

    I’ve seen many cool Youtube videos and pictures of those who have previously attended SLE. I saw on the document shared with accepted and registered folks that I can only use my phone on my floor within the barracks. Does this mean that I can bring a camera? I didn’t know how else the videos and...
  9. D

    SLE not working?

    Hello, I am aware I am starting my SLE application fairly late. I have a 4.2 and a 26 ACT as well as clubs, sports and community involvement. My question is, why I can't access the SLE portion of my application? I completed the candidate portal for CO2025 and was told I would receive a second...
  10. B

    No SLE email?

    I clicked the button to indicate I was interested in the SLE application and the screen popped up saying I would get an email in 24-48 hours. It has now officially been over 60 hours since I submitted the request. Should I email the appropriate West Point folks about this? Any help is appreciated.
  11. D

    SLE 2020 Acceptance?

    Hi all, I applied to SLE as soon as I could with all the technical difficulties (yay) and I’ve heard that some people have been accepted already. If you’ve been accepted this year, what did your application look like? On my CQ I’ve got a PSAT 1310, SAT 1220 (taken sophomore year so not the...
  12. Z

    SLE CFA Test Weight

    High School class of 2020 here, So I got into USMA SLE 1st session over the summer, and got some worries about the CFA. I have started training this last week but am still hitting under-average scores on a few of the events, not by a lot but still below. I know at SLE they administer the CFA...
  13. U

    SLE C.F.A. Mile Run Question

    Hi, I'm about to go to SLE later in June this year. Does anyone here know if the cfa mile run facilities at USMA are indoor or outdoor? I'm currently training, and I want to know what to expect because if it's too hot the temperature'll slow me down.
  14. N

    Girls State and SLE advice

    Hi all! Just wanted to throw out a question to all who attended Girls/Boys state and SLE. I was recently nominated for Girls state by my school, and was accepted into SLE session 2. In my state, there is virtually no information about the Girls state program, but I have heard of the...
  15. Jarhead713

    SLE not selected

    Hi, I found out I wasn't accepted to SLE this morning (not super surprised, I haven't taken the ACT yet) Just wanted to know if SLE is a strong factor when it comes to admission? I've heard some people say it is and say it isn't, just wondering how admissions weighs going to SLE.
  16. Ijgalind02

    SLE Travel questions

    Hi I will be attending SLE session 1 this summer and I will be flying over to Newark, but when I was creating my travel plans I noticed that it said to make sure you plan your departure for after 1400 hours. I only have two options to catch a flight one is at around 1430 and the other around...
  17. WishfulThinking

    Help With SLE Documents

    I am working on completing my checklist for SLE, and currently, I am on my Medical Questionnaire. It states " Has had tetanus toxoid and booster inoculation"( and the last date). I am unsure exactly what booster shot WP is looking for, and how long ago would they prefer it to have been done? Any...
  18. WishfulThinking

    SLE Session 2 2019

    Good Morning, I have just received notice a few days ago(Thursday, March 14th) that I have been offered to attend SLE Session 2. Does anyone who has attended have any tips or anything? Also, who else got accepted? DM me to connect beforehand! :)
  19. Kabobthebob

    Late Submission USMA SLE

    Hello, I am currently a junior looking into going to the USMA. I was accepted to the SLE Session 1 late Feb, and I have not fully completed my SLE application. It is my fault completely that I have not completed the full form by the due date March 9th, two days ago as of this post. One question...
  20. B

    SLE session 1

    Hi my name’s Emily. Got accepted to SLE session 1 and wanna get to know some of u before we go. What’s your name and where r u from? and who’s attending SLE session 1, then NASS session 2?