Begin AROTC as a Junior?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by markr93, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Hi, I'm currently a sophomore at Texas A&M majoring in political science. I'm thinking of joining the Corps of Cadets. I would like to commission and was wondering, given that I only have two years remaining as an undergraduate, if it is possible to begin AROTC and take MSI/II as undergrad and MSIII/IV as a graduate student?
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    Your best bet would be to contact the ROO (recruiter) for AROTC at the college. They are going to be your best source for information and guidance. There is a program called LTC (Leader's Training Course) that takes place the summer before your junior year of college. It is for people that want to enroll in ROTC, but did not do so their freshmen year. It is an intense course that lasts for several weeks, and its purpose is to basically catch you up on what you've missed the first two years. I've read that the Army was planning on making changes to the program, but I don't know what is the status of any changes. Before the discussion of changes started, I know you had to apply for the program (it wasn't something that anyone could just sign up for). Also, if you didn't pass the course, you didn't get to enroll in ROTC. Anyway, bottom line is to contact the ROO for guidance. Best of luck to you and I hope everything works out!
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    Intense is a relative term... lol

    LTC+LDAC= easy
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    Cocur with Bull...I don't think LTC can be described as intense, although for many of the attendees there is a reason why they waited to try Army ROTC, and that reason is why LTC seems intense. For the typical Cadet who just didn't know about ROTC and goes to Camp relatively ready LTC should be a great experience with very little stress. You really need to check with the ROO though. I'm sure A&M, being an SMC, has managed to add some intensity into the LTC run up. Good luck.

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