Best path for reapplication?


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Apr 10, 2020

I received an LOA from West Point in September of 2019 but still need a medical waiver. As the deadline is coming up, I have started a contingency plan and what to do if this medical issue restricts me from attendance at USMA. I fully intend to reapply and was wondering what other people did between high school and reapplication to USMA. I have the option of ROTC at the University of Pittsburg, or enlistment. If I enlist, does what branch I enlist to affect my chances of reapplication to certain academies? AKA would enlisting to the army over the navy to help my application to West Point or would it be irrelevant.


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Oct 21, 2010
Go to college and do AROTC if you can afford it. You CAN get there through going enlisted but it will take much longer than your year in college to accomplish this. Your officers are going to want to observe you for some time before giving you their endorsement. You will need to show clear leadership and excellence - and no doubt you won't be doing that right out of the gate for lack of opportunity. Enlisting first doesn't make you a better officer, just, perhaps, a different officer. Do college first. Just my 2 cents.