Best service uniform


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Aug 2, 2006
Ok so which branch has the best looking uniforms, got pics of each branch. Please try to leave out any bias toward your own branch. Even with that said i still have to give the Army's dress blues the nod. :shake:


Army Dress Blues


Navy Pearl Whites


Marine Corps Dress Blues


Air Force Dress Blues
Why you want to compare Navy uniforms to policemen and bus drivers is beyond me.
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I'd have to say the Marine Corps Dress Blue Alpha is by far the best...followed EXTREMELY closely by Navy's Full Dress White.
Here how I rank them:
1) Marines
2) Army
3) Navy
4) Air Force
1. USMC Dress Blues-Winter
2. Navy Full Dress Whites
3. Army Dress Blues
4. All the rest
shoulda made a poll, but i guess i am alone on this one huh, Army blues FTW!
Ok. I'll play the only diplomat here. I love them all as the guys & gals that wear them represent our freedom.

SDB #1 & dress whites #2 :biggrin:
But Boss' second photo is kinda WOW too
Are we counting Academy parade/full dress uniforms now too?

West Point


Service Dress:
1. Air Force - gonna get grief for this I know, but being an Air Force Brat, some of my earliest memories are of my Dad in his dress uniform, and of course my mom all dressed up too. Can't go wrong with those early childhood memories!
2. Marines - Hot. very hot. enough said.
3. Army - close with Marines - since I am not big on a lot of bling.
4. Coast Guard - those are pretty cool
4. Navy - never understood those all white uniforms. They look good at weddings, that's about it.

When Boss posts USCGA Cadet uniforms, I will vote on the SA's - do USMMA's get their own uniforms or do they wear the same as USNA?
Jamzmom - what is the deal here?
JAM, USMMA is Naval Reserve so yep. But the deal is, my kid could end up in any of these uniforms as USMMA is the only academy where you can go any branch of service, active or reserve, upon graduation. Most tend to go Navy though.
Ah, that middle picture is the best part of parades. Even that company's commander knows that guy looks rediculous.
I'd have to say the Marine Corps Dress Blue Alpha is by far the best...followed EXTREMELY closely by Navy's Full Dress White.


Oh, and chalk another one up for USNA69! :yllol:
That's a pic of the company guide running ahead of the company to mark the proper spot for the company to march towards.

Upon marching towards their spot, the company commander would call "Guide of the right platoon on line!" and the person in the front rank, furthest to the company commander's right (normally the tallest person) would response "Aye aye, sir!" and then sprint ahead, chopping like a plebe to the company's marker in the grass and stand at attention there. If you look carefully, you'll see that the company to the right is missing a person in the front row - that's where he came from. The company will then alter their marching direction slightly to line up with the guide.
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No way! USMA wins for cadet dress uniforms.

Only if you give them one point for each type of rank insignia. Then their score is too high for them to count for themselves. :thumb: