Best time to start NROTC application?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Nick0726, Apr 15, 2013.

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    If I'm a junior, would it be beneficial to start the application now, as soon as I get my ACT scores back?

    And if I do start the process now, would it be possible to have it in by the time I start my AROTC application in September? I plan on applying fr the Marine Option. Does major affect whether you are accepted, like it does for Navy option? And how important is the PFT in the scoring?
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    You can start it now but I wouldn't plan on submitting it until late September to include things from your Senior year and also have a chance to take the ACT/SAT a second time. Scores normally improve the first three times you take it. I don't recall if the first board meets in Oct. or Nov. but there are only 2 Marine Option boards and the second is in Feb. as I recall. You need to submit it soon enough to leave time for the interview and taking the PFT prior to the board so it can be board ready for the first board.

    The Marine Option doesn't care what your major is, unlike Navy. And yes, since its the Marines, the PFT is important. Prepare for it over the summer. Run, run, and then run again. Don't just run long distance. Include speed intervals in your training as it will improve your long distance times. Work on the pullups every day, perhaps a few times a day. Try cross training. Something like wall climbing or something to work on those back muscles and improve your pullups.

    Good luck.

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