Beware of Kings Limo

Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by Tomcat87, Nov 24, 2012.

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    If looking for a limo/taxi service for your DS/DD beware of Kings Limo. I called them two days prior to Thanksgiving break, prepaid for a ride for DS to EWR (not cheap) to catch flight home for short break. Again, this was prepaid, set up for a 3pm pickup, seemed like a done deal on the phone (so I thought).
    DS hustles after last class to get to front gate, goes to numerous Kings Limo vehicles parked outside gate and drivers refused to take him to EWR saying they were only going to LGA or JFk. I got on phone with dispatcher/shift manager complainiing about my son not having a ride at assigned time and he said he had multiple vehicles there. I explained they rufused to go all the way to EWR, so he apparently did not have a car there for my son. He said that sometimes the drivers dont want to make the drive to EWR when they can make more money on much shorter trip to LGA. After nicely expaining to him that usually when someones prepays for a ride somewhere, to be picked up at a specified time, they kind of expect a car to be there to take them to the place THEY ALREDY PAID FOR. Again he says 'yes sir I had multiple cars there'. Again I explained that he might have had cars there, but not one that would take my son to the place WE ALREADY PAID YOU FOR. This logic seemed to complicated for him to understand, or maybe people from Texas just expect too much. Unbelieveable. Needless to say I ended up trying to reach through the phone to get my hands on this......person. Bottom line they actually had to send a person from the office to go get my son, 45 minutes late on the pickup, and my DS missed his flight. No apology to me, no fee reduction, nothing other than the charming personality on the other end of the phone.
    So, just had to post this warning to all. Would advise all to use any other car service other than Kings Limo.
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    Yeah... that sounds about right. Never heard of Kings Limo though. In my day, it was Friendly Taxi or Manny's Limo. Friendly is ok and they're familiar with the academy traffic. Manny's was always very good (better than Friendly) and reliable.

    FYI: You can take trains all the way to EWR from Great Neck (via Penn Station and NJT) - no need for a cab. Probably just as quick too, but for a fraction of the cost.
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    Yeah, I was thinking about using the trains instead. These days when I have meetings in NYC, about the only time I take transportation other than a train it is just to get around Manhattan. The NYC Metro area has some pretty stellar public transportation.
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    I used to crew change frequently in NY and I always took the train. If I could avoid a cab at all I did. Even if it meant changing lines multiple times and a 2 mile walk from Flushing Main street.

    I did like walking through Flushing though. The sights and sounds reminded me of my far east days. I even walked from Penn to SI Ferry once just for the experience when I had a couple hours to kill.
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    It's not that you are from Texas - the guy and company are just ... to use the most polite NY term that you can apply here - "schmucks".

    That said the advice about taking the Train (LIRR to Penn Station and New Jersey Transit to Newark Airport) is absolutely a good thing to know/plan for next time. It is cheaper and in rush hours can actually be faster - especially before a holiday weekend when the bridges and tunnels back up since to get to Newark you have to run several of those gauntlets between KP and the airport.

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