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    Just made an account but I have been following the forums for a while.

    I just received notice from my BGO that I received a LOA (haven't received an email or a call but my BGO told me they would be coming tomorrow) and have had my DODMERB completed and reviewed (qualified). I also received notice that I was the best candidate in my district and will be awarded with a nomination.

    Do these qualifications automatically earn me a BFE or is there something else that must be completed? If a BFE is earned, how long does it take to receive the paperwork?

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    If you get an LOA and a nom and are o/w qualified, a BFE is on the way . . . eventually. It's important to understand that USNA must wait until it receives the official nom slate from the MOC, who has until Jan. 31 to turn it in. Thus, even if the MOC notifies you right away, that doesn't necessarily mean he/she has notified the SA.

    Once everything including your nom is into USNA, it takes about 2 weeks for you to receive the BFE.


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