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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by brovol, Aug 16, 2015.

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    My son's BGO interview is tomorrow at 5 pm at our home. This was set up by the BGO, and we are not sure if we should be offering him dinner in light of the time of the day. Don't want to sound like we are trying to butter him up with a meal, but don't want to appear rude either. What say you all?

    Also, it is expected to be very hot tomorrow in our area and we do not have air conditioning. My office is a block away and is air conditioned. Should I offer my office to do the interview?

    Apparently the BGO told my son he would like to meet with my wife and me at the beginning of the interview. Should we dress for an interview like my son will be? I will already be in a shirt and tie because I will be coming from work, but my wife is more curious.

    Thoughts would be appreciated.
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    You do not need to overly dress, but I recommend something along the lines of business casual (i.e. no tie and jacket at your discretion). I have had parents who have dressed far less fancier (attending in a jogging suit is probably below expectations)...remember the interview is more about your son.

    You could make the offer to move to your office (if you are going to go that route I would contact him ahead of time) -- though, I would just be prepared to have water and crack a window or two to help with hydration/ventilation? Fans?

    Lastly, inviting the BGO for dinner is not inappropriate (however, if you are going to make the offer, do it AFTER the interview has finished) and isn't "buttering" him up (it is a nice gesture that people do because of the time of day -- but I would expect your BGO will probably decline) and I have had a few families offer me snacks to a meal (I normally declined in thanks) -- but you are in no way required to do any of the above. I recommend putting out or having a snack and drink (mentioned above) on standby, since quite a few interviews can last 2-3 hours and that probably will suffice.
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    There used to be a very helpful 'sticky' at the top of the forum page on this topic but it seems to be gone. Does that relate to those who are no longer mods???? Hopefully, someone can retrieve and repost that very helpful topic which answered most of the basic BGO interview questions.
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    My DS met his BGO here in town at a restaurant. He wanted us to come along, though we objected for the reasons listed in the sticky, we went and kept quiet unless asked a question. Subsequently, our DS was asked to meet his BGO again, we were to come again to the BGO's office and meet a second BGO and they had a two-man interview with our DS.

    I guess what I am saying is, it all seems to be the preference of the BGO. By the way, if you have questions like this, ask the BGO. It seems like people are putting way to much concern on this. Unless you don't have the numbers, they are actually very helpful, very friendly and encouraging. Don't worry too much. There is no need. I promise.
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    As a FFR, I offered to answer any questions parents might have when I conduct the interview at candidate's home. Although, I am there to interview the candidate, sometimes I have to sell West Point to candidates and parents.

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