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    I don't think this is covered in the sticky, does anybody have advice I should pass to my parents for the BGO interview?

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    They should be themselves. You too. The BGO is most interested in YOUR desire (not theirs) to attend the Academy and serve as an officer. He/she will ask questions that are meant to add "depth" to your app so that the Admissions Board can see you as a whole candidate. Almost none of it is focused on your parents. If asked a question, unless directed specifically to them, you should answer. The BGO interview should be about you. They will be happy to answer any questions you or your parents may have.
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    Make themselves scarce.

    I am being mostly serious. Some BGOs do talk to the parents but it usually takes (or at least should take) the form of asking if they have any questions. In some areas, USNA is not well known and the parents may have little idea about it, may be apprehensive about their child entering the military, etc. However, as noted above, the focus is on you and your parents should leave the area where you're meeting the BGO so the two of you can talk.
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    I have gone through this ride twice. Both times my parents were absent for my BGO Interview. The second BGO didn't mind and preferred it that way. The first did prefer the parents to be there but only to educate them about being an Academy parent. Showing up solo didn't hurt me, though, and he said it showed independency.

    If they want to be there, let them. However, I'd make it clear to them that this is about you and their interaction must be minimal. In kinder words make it understood that they can't speak unless spoken to!

    Be yourself, be truthful, and relax. Have questions, even stupid ones? Ask them.
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    Generally, the BGO wants to talk PRIVATELY with the candidate to assess their true interest in the academy and let them ask any questions they may have. Some BGO's have indicated in the past that when the parents aren't around, some candidates will admit they are only applying because it is what their parents want them to do. While it is fine for your parents to be there and socialize a bit with the BGO when he/she first arrives at your home, you should make it clear to your parents (ahead of time), that the actual interview is only intended for you and the BGO and they should NOT expect to sit there the entire time listening to the conversation. They should find somewhere else in the house to go, go outside, etc. and leave you and the BGO to have your conversation.

    The general discussion in the the past has also been the the BGO WILL want to talk with your parents to answer any questions they may have.
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    Agree with all the above.

    You probably should ask your BGO if the parents should be there for the interview (when you are scheduling the interview). This will clue you in on how that BGO wants to run things. I would expect almost all BGOs will say "yes" and then tell you how it will be ran --- something along the lines of --- that the first 15-30 mins will be together and then the rest of the time is one-on-one. Most BGOs know how to handle this, even if you or your parents aren't aware when the interview is being conducted, by politely asking, that the next portion of the interview is between the candidate and BGO only.

    I encourage parents/guardians to be there, but sometimes it is hard to get both (work schedules) or even any (college students) -- parents ARE NOT REQUIRED to be there, but it is a "nice to have" so they fully understand everything, as well. So do not fret if only one parent can make it (one is better than none) or, in some cases, none.
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    Agree 100%. One of my pet peeves is too much parental involvement. I know parents want their children to be happy and succeed (I have sent two daughters to college myself). I am happy to meet parents and talk to them about USNA, but by the time a young man/woman applies to USNA and wants to become an Officer in the Navy /Marine Corps, he or she needs to be able to run their own life. It must be a generational thing, but I see increasing parental involvement. ( I once had a candidate hand the phone to her Mom and ask her to schedule the interview ! ) Mom & Dad, step back and let your kid take charge of their destiny - - too much independence has never hurt, but hovering can be a big negative . I do wrap up every interview by giving the candidate my card, and telling them to have their parents call me if they have any questions about the Naval Academy.

    As an aside, but somewhat related -- I absolutely cringe whenever I see a Parent's Club gouge for June Week, and it includes advice such as "Make sure your Midshipmen leaves plenty of time for getting back to the yard, uniform changes, etc. .." I know the advice is well intentioned, but by the time graduation arrives, your son and daughter knows to the minute how long it takes to get from any point in Annapolis and what uniform they need to be in. Step back and let them guide you through the week, not vice versa !

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