BGO keeping me waiting?


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Jul 17, 2008
I had my interview about 2 and a half weeks ago (july 21), and still nothing has shown up on my online application; "not received," it says. Is this normal? What exactly does the BGO have to do after he gets done with the interview?
BGOs have to enter an interview summary into their on-line system. Although there is no time "requirement," we are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. And should, for a number of very good reasons. In fairness, the BGO may have gone on vacation, had a personal emergency, etc. Or may have forgotten or may be lazy. :thumbdown: Or, the CGIS system may be slow to update.

If the rest of your packet is completed, you may want to wait another few days and then send a KIND AND GENTLE note to your BGO saying that your system indicates no interview summary has been submitted and you wanted to make sure that your packet was ready for review as soon as possible.

Remember that BGOs are all volunteers and most have other full-time jobs. That is no excuse for not doing a good job as a BGO, but understand that your BGO does have other things to worry about in life. Still, the overwhelming majority are very dedicated and this just may be an instance of something slipping through the cracks.
Ah, thanks for the help. One thing i can be certain about is that my BGO isn't busy with work. As the 1958 grad put it, all he does eat, sleep, and play golf. I'll certainly wait a tiny bit longer on that note, and hopefully I won't have to write it. Again, merci!

I hope to be there (eating, sleeping, golfing) someday. My guess is that, if he's doing interviews this early in the cycle, he's pretty dedicated. So it either slipped his mind or there is a system glitch (which can happen).
BGO Interviews

What is the usual time frame for BGO interviews I thought October was OK. Is this to late?
My son had his interview with the Blue and Gold Officer yesterday. She told us that she had been interviewing for years and this was as early as she had done any. She said most were done later on in the fall so October should probably be good.
Timing for BGO interviews depends on the BGO and on you. We are "required" to do them once a student has >33% of his/her packet submitted. Some wait until this time because, quite frankly, many candidates in our system will end up not completing their application and BGOs don't want to "waste time" interviewing people who don't need to be interviewed.

Other BGOs may try to do all their interviews as early as possible, often in the summer, when candidates aren't in school and schedules are more relaxed. I have done them earlier this year than I usually do b/c I've had a couple of candidates who have most or all of their packets in.

IF you have most of your packet in, you should be hearing from your BGO. If you don't hear, you may want to reach out to your BGO. Be gentle. :) Do remember that all BGOs are volunteers, many hold down full-time jobs, and we often travel on business and/or take vacations. So, if you don't get an immediate response, don't panic. Wait a week or so and send another gentle note.

Having an interview in October is fine. I've done them as late as January. The only thing I will add is that USNA typically doesn't review your packet until it is complete, including your BGO interview. So, if you do have everything in, be sure to contact your BGO so you can get your interview done.