BGO question


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Aug 6, 2017
I've contacted my BGO to set up the interview several times now without any response. I have made sure that I am using the right email provided in the portal. I contacted the admissions counselor about it and he responded with "I have left word for him". I still haven't heard anything from my BGO. I really want to get my interview done soon but am not sure on what my next course of action will be if I don't hear back. Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated.
Is the rest of your application complete except for the BGO interview?
Do you have a nomination?

If DoDMERB isn't complete and you haven't turned in a CFA, and don't have a nomination, I could see the BGO dragging his feet a little.
If none of that is the case then you should be concerned. There are only 21 days left in this cycle.

This may be a silly question, but have you called him? Some people get tons of EMail and just don't get to it in a timely manner.
First, your BGO should respond to you. But we are coming off the holiday season when many folks were away/not checking emails.

As for the rest, it's now January and many BGOs want to see 100% of the packet complete (other than medical) before doing an interview. If you're at 100% and have been for a month, you may want to reach out to your Area Coordinator. If not, give it another week and try once more with your BGO before reaching out to the AC. After all, you've had May through now to get your stuff done. IF you've delayed until the last minute, it's not the BGO's responsibility to get everything done in a few days to accommodate your schedule.

But, if you've had your packet complete for awhile, USNA eventually will review it w/o the BGO input.