Big Game Weekend


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Jun 18, 2012
The WP Cadets have a long day for the Army/Navy football game. They first start in the wee hours on Saturday morning piling on to school buses. During their 18 hour ordeal they are on their feet the whole time. Then after the game, back on the buses.

So a Midi being frustrated turned his anger on a WP Firstie and sucker punched the Cadet. No provoking just took his anger out on the first Cadet he saw. The Cadet fell to the ground, broke a tooth, needed a few stitches, suffered a slight concussion, broke his phone and spent 10 hours in the ER. The Midi was restrained. The incident traveled fast through the Corps of Cadets and the WP football team was out for a little payback on the grid iron. The Army team being smaller and lighter was able to "Push Hard, Press Forward" their running game through the Navy defensive line.

Last year, a Midi mouthed off and threw a few F-Bombs at Army Colonel. The Midi was smart to disappear in the crowd because that Colonel was an him like a sidewinder missile seeking hot jet exhaust.

Every year minor scrummages take place between the SA we never hear about. We all like to think Cadets, Midis and Zoomies wear halos, but sometimes they fall off. And its safe to travel in packs.

Just a little behind the scene stuff I thought you might like

Push Hard, Press Forward
Bonehead moments all around. I was walking through the parking lot at Philly one year, and watched two parents' groups yell obscenities at each other - a little too invested in the "WE go to X Academy" syndrome. Change out the uniforms on any of the incidents noted by Tug above, and all variations have happened over the years of who did what to whom.

There are also plenty of good stories. My USNA DH still has the WP cufflinks he swapped with a cadet after the game. Our sponsor mids were given rides and chow by WP parents. Taking the train back into Centre City in Philly, jammed in with both sides, I've had great conversations with cadets.

There are always a few boneheads whose impulse control goes missing that day.
Yeap, I have seen it happen on both sides over the decades. If in fact a Mid did that they should be hammered. I have seen stupid actions by both Mids, Cadets, Alumni and parents from both sides
Stupidity never seems to take a day off...
And as I used to tell my people, "There are no stupid questions...just stupid people asking questions!"
I had some Norwich parent yell at me my 4/c year at CGA.... yeah, Norwich.
Yep, it happens on all sides. An Army-Navy game can’t go by without my family bringing up the extremely memorable cadet that stopped by our section one year during the third quarter to visit with his family a little bit. He and his parents, all equally drunk, spouting extremely racist rhetoric about certain football players from both teams. Wow, super proud to have him in uniform!

Alcohol is fun and brings out one’s true colors!
I am trying to figure out what the point of this thread is...or is there not one?
Edit: disregard...saw a few lines up on original post.

As CaptMJ and Hoops said...there are a few bad apples at every SA. I am certain there are plenty of significant conduct issues that we never hear about. I have never heard of a sucker punch between MIDN/cadets before, though.

I do recall the time a cadet charged and tackled (not a friendly tackle) our mascot in the end zone of the A-N game. It was kind of funny (looking back at it), but the cadet was very serious about what he was doing.
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