BIG Thank You!


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Mar 1, 2007
I'd like to thank Tactical Nuke for all he does over here.

I've been following this one thread over on the "dark side," only lurking, and I come away disgusted EVERY time. The name calling, back biting, caustic/cruel remarks, whining, bi***ing, and all other type of poor sandbox/playground etiquette is the rage right now from the usual suspects.

Obviously over here people play/discuss like adults (most of the time) and when they don't, they are reminded to.

So, thank you TN for running a very nice place to come and educate/be educated and hang out with very nice people! :shake: :yay: :w00t: :band: :jump1: :groupwave:

P.S. Plus we have killer smilies over here!
Thank you for the support, nurseypoo. As always though, if you feel something here is out of place we would appreciate knowing so we can work to fix it.

In response to the thread on CC,

Everything that happens here does not happen on a whim of one of our moderators. Each action, banning, warning, deletion or locking is discussed thoroughly by the moderators as a group. This discussion may not be public, but you can be sure it does occur.

Thank you,