Bill O'Reilly & VP Mike Pence-The media can really have it both ways!


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Dec 12, 2012
As is being widely reported, a former regular guest of Bill O’Reilly’s TV show stated that after their dinner together, she rebuffed his advance to go to his hotel room. A short time later, the woman was off the show. Contrast that with the media criticism of VP Pence for having a standing rule of never having dinner with any woman other than his wife. Further, the VP’s behavior can be viewed as discriminatory because male colleagues would have an advantage over females as business is discussed over dinner.
I’ve never watched the O’Reilly TV show or bought/read his books. $13M in settlements though seems like a lot of $ to pay out & then say essentially, you're the victim. O'Reilly aside, it sure isn't easy dating nowadays.

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