Blue Friday!

I gotta ask you WaMOM - what is with that hideous lime green stripe on their uniforms?

Anyway - good luck against the Packers - they are gonna need it! :wink:
I gotta ask you WaMOM - what is with that hideous lime green stripe on their uniforms?

What, you don't like lime green? :biggrin: I wore my Lofa Tatupu jersey today just like I did last Friday. I'm hoping the good luck continues this week.

I'm sorry the Steelers didn't win last week. They are my second favorite team.
Q: Why is it that Nevada gets all the nuclear waste and Wisconsin gets the Packers?
A: Nevada got to choose first. :wink:
Stealth -- Congrats to the Packers. After the first 4 minutes of the game I thought we were going to win, but it all went horribly wrong after that. :thumbdown:
Thought about you as the game progressed...there's always next year...GO GIANTS:thumb:
So far the playoffs are going my way -
Pats continue the quest towards 19-0! :biggrin:

I hate the Cowboys - so happy the Giants won - also happy for Eli.
Glad to see the Chargers beat the Colts - though honestly the Pats can beat either handily (you never know though :wink: )

Very happy to see the Packers win - sorry WaMom68. Have loved the Packers forever - yep before Brett Farve. Lived in Omaha in the early '70's and our school colors were Packers Green & Gold.

I would love to see a Patriots-Packers Superbowl - that would be worth watching! :thumb:
Ok, hubby and son are huge Giants fans, but I do want Packers to win (only for Brett...everyone wrote him off and he is such a professional) Eli has chances in the future, but Brett is not only hearing the Fat Lady warming up her pipes to sing, I think everyone can see her too.

Anybody, but the Pats will work for me...Not a Tom Brady fan, and after the Jets game I lost all respect. Yes, I know that everyone probably does it, but the fact that they did it, got caught and made excuses, made me say buh-bye to any support. Add in the fact that their coach got ticked that his assistant coach did the same he did with the Jets, makes me give them a :thumbdown:
I was glad the Giants won too...I hate the Cowboys! (That will probably bring all the Cowboy's fans down on me, but I must tell the truth. :smile: )

My hubby and I decided to root for the Packers now that the Seahawks and Steelers are out.
Brett is having too much fun to call it quits now. Wait another year before he thinks about hearing the fat lady sing!

Can't get much better than snow in Lambeau Field. Love those snow ball fights. Maybe we will get another Ice Bowl next Sunday. Going to be pretty cold with a late game. Forcast calls for snow on the 21st - maybe it can come in a bit early.

Would have loved to have gone but no luck on the ticket lottery. Have to just settle for the regular season and sharing with family members. Mids Grandfather will be giving one set to the Mid and friend next season.... mid friend dying to go to to a GB game.

As much as I have seriously disliked TO...I have to say, seeing him cry while he defended his quarterback was something else. I have some respect for the guy now.

He wasn't showy, he was defending his QB...he isn't all about himself.

Other than that....the NFL is DEAD to be....

My Titans and Steelers out....It's hockey season anyway, now the NFL won't be an annoying side sport for me anymore this year.
Thanks WAMom68! We were pretty happy about it. I did get a bit worried at first, also. But fortunately, it worked out. I was glad to see the Cowboys lose, too, but in a way, another chance at beating them would have been nice.

So you or Bullet will be unhappy campers next week...sorry Stealth I don't live with you and as much as I want the Packers to win for Brett, I have to endure 3-4 hours of screaming at the tv with my DH

The weather forecast here is for 6-9 inches of snow beginning tonight and lasting until early Friday morning. Then on Saturday, temps of -8 for a low and +1 for a high. High on Sunday 0. Great day for a game at Lambeau!

The local news stations are already calling for volunteers to come and shovel out the bleachers of the stadium before the game. The field had to be uncovered last night to be painted. The crews worked throughout the night under the lights so that the field could dry and be covered back up today to protect it from the snow.

I have to work on Sunday, but hopefully we can get a chance to watch most of the game.

They are forecasting -6 by game time!

From SI: It's supposed to be around minus-5 wind chill, and breezy, with flurries.

ESPN: Also, Brett Favre has an advantage over Eli Manning when it comes to playing in cold weather. Manning hasn't experienced anything close to 10-degree weather this season. In fact, the Giants haven't played a game when it has been below 36. Favre is 43-5 in games played at or below 34.

GO Pack
It's OT and Bullet and DS are pacing the floor...I have to be up at 5 in the am...anyone want to adopt 2 really nice men?:biglaugh:
Sorry Stealth

Sorry Profmom2

I will admit that I am not that sorry...afterall I live with a bunch of Giants fans:rolleyes: