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    greetings all,

    I just want to understand how the whole selection process works
    Army ROTC has like 3 or 4 boards to review scholarship applications
    AirF ROTC has 1? board date (december)?
    what are the NROTC "board" dates like? Is it reviewed once? Multiple times? what?
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    There is a good explanation of the entire process at the NC State website:
    Look for the pdf file at the bottom of the page entitled: "Scholarship Application- Helpful Information"

    An excerpt: "Scholarship selection boards for the Navy meet about a dozen or more times (depending on the total number of applications) throughout the year with the first board usually convening in late August/early September. Marine Corps scholarship selection boards are held in November and February. Each board will review approximately 500 applications and they are reviewed in the order in which they are received. For this reason, you want to make every effort to have all of your application complete by early August so that you will be reviewed as early as possible. By August, there are usually 2,000 to 3,000 applications completed so if you’re just finishing in the September timeframe, you may not be reviewed until several months later. The selection board "scores" all of the applications it reviews based on everything contained in the application and then selects the top hundred or so highest scoring applications. Those not selected are automatically rolled to the next board which would meet about a month later and select another hundred or so applications. In this manner, about 1,800 to 1,900 students will ultimately be selected over the course of the year (the last board meets in April) out of the roughly 8,000 to 10,000 that apply. This represents around a 20 percent acceptance rate, though it varies by year."
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    AFROTC has 4 boards. Dec. is the 1st board. Than I believe the 2nd is early Feb. Mar will have 2 boards.

    AFROTC tweaks it every year. The newest tweak, and why you think it is only 1 board, is last year they started reboarding only on the last one in March. IOWS, if you are not selected in Dec., they can say No right off the bat, or they can say we will wait until the last board in March to decide.
    ~ A/NROTC is different you will be reboarded each and everytime they meet.

    AFROTC stats are about the same @16-18% of all candidates will win a scholarship. AFROTC has about 900 scholarships offered. 80% of all scholarships are a 4 year Type 7. That means they will only pay the equivalent of IS tuition. You can go OOS or Private, but if it is more than the cost for IS, than you need to convert to a 3 year Type 2. Type 2 maxxes out at 18K currently.
    ~ Type 1, 4 yr. scholarships make up @5% of all scholarships. @45 nationally. 95% of those scholarships are STEM (Tech) majors. That equates to about 2-3 go to non-tech
    ~ Type 2, 4 yr. scholarships make up 15% of all scholarships. Again, 95% are STEM. less than 10 will go to non tech
    ~Type 7, 4 yr. make up the remaining 80%. 75% go STEM/Tech.

    Many kids think that because it is ROTC their chances are higher than applying for an SA appointment. However, statistically it is about the same chance, and the avg stats for a ROTC recipient mimics the same stats for an SA candidate.
    ~ The difference is ROTC is a national pool at all times. SAs start from a geocentic pool (MOC), if not appointed from that pool you go to the national list and fight for an appointment that way.

    Good luck
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    DS submitted his application just under the wire (January 31) and received a Tier 1 - 4 year in-state scholarship. Thought about transferring it to another school where he was also recruited for a D1 Sport. Ended up staying put and loves his school. He originally was attempting to get into the USNA, but did not receive a Congressional Nom. So he scrambled to Plan B. He had the option of reapplying to USNA this past year and our congressman's decision maker thought that his AP scores of 5 in Calculus and Psychology would pretty much ensure his Nomination the 2nd time around. He choose to stay with his 4-year scholarship, going to the USNA would put him a year behind in commissioning. On another note, Day 1 meeting with the NROTC unit commander, was told that if any of the 4-year midshipman found that they did not like the school, that they would move them to another unit at another school. The federal government has made an investment and they were going to protect that investment, just do not fail your courses. I think applying to USNA and NROTC helps your chances of the NROTC by showing that you are very interested in being commissioned by any means. USNA = full ride, NROTC = 50% ride (some schools make up the difference), both paths end up as Ensigns, and then it is up to how you perform on the job.
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