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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by agp312, Jan 30, 2015.

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    Just noticed on Facebook that DS USMA friend received his BOLC date for after May commissioning (mid July, aviation). Any chance our ROTC guys/gals will soon be given theirs? More curious than anything, and really did not think we would hear until mid March, but perhaps this pushes up the time table??
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    West Point seems to get theirs sooner, they have to deal with post graduation leave, something ROTC cadets do not have. ROTC assignments seem to trickle out over a certain time period, but nobody knows what that time period is yet.

    One thing to remember, don't make plans as soon as they receive their orders. My older son had his report date change twice before he left, he ended up leaving about 50 days sooner then his original report date.
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    They're working on them, so it's just a waiting game. They're still getting the December grads straightened out and then you'll start to see the May grads get all their info. The USMA folk get priority because they immediately assess onto active duty when they commission, unlike ROTC grads, and the army wants them to start working as soon as possible since they are getting paid. That's why you'll see the USMA grads take a short bit of leave after graduation and then go straight to BOLC. ROTC grads technically commission into the reserves (they accept a reserve commission) and then when they report to BOLC they actually take another oath for a Regular Army commission.

    I don't know about a timetable due to the sheer numbers HRC is dealing with, just keep an eye on your (your DS's) .mil email and he might see something about a BOLC class seat reservation. That was my first indication of my BOLC date when I saw the confirmation that I was signed up in an upcoming BOLC class in the army's training management system. Shortly after that I got my RFO and then orders. Your DS's HRT at his school will have a large part in this as they will be putting together packets of all of his records and orders to take to BOLC and USACC is the one cutting the orders.
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