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Jun 8, 2006
For those of you unfortunate enough never to have heard of the guy, Jeff Bacon is a former (and perhaps still active duty) Naval Officer who is the artist responsible for the comic strip "Broadside", which appears weekly in the Navy Times newspaper.

To date, I have seen NO ONE manage to condense so much about Navy life into a single frame, as consistently, as brilliantly, and as hysterically as Mr. Bacon. The guy truly is a genius.

So, to honor him and his brilliance, and to tickle your funny bone, I'm going to be posting one or two of his cartoons daily for everyone to enjoy.

Have fun! :biggrin:

Oh, and for those who may not get the gist of a particular strip, feel free to ask and I and my fellow travelers here will try to explain. :thumb:
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Jeff Bacon - Broadside

Jeff is a former shipmate of mine. We were onboard USS Cook (FF-1083) during the early 80's and his talent was very obvious to all of us at the time. If any of you reading this have any contact with him, ask about his drawings of LCDR Golisch (Cook's Ops Officer) and CDR Loeffler (I may have that name wrong, but in either case, he was the Cook's XO who was struck in the face with a shot line during an Unrep). And also remind him of a fake Class 'E' message I sent to him one night during the mid-watch while he was on the bridge. The fake message was from his girlfriend at the time and, in part, it stated: "Jeff: Time, distance and another man have come between us." I clearly recall him telling me later that I would pay dearly for that little prank. I was just elated that I had 'pranked' the King of Pranks....... Tell him I said howdy and to contact me if he wishes. I was Petty Officer Hall (Radioman) and I'm at

That OOD one is great. I also loved that beauty contest one...hahaha, these are great. :biggrin:
I got a huge chuckle out of these myself. Many thanks to Z for posting 'em.

Hey StainFreeMedia, hope you'll be able to catch up with your friend soon & thank you for your service! It is deeply appreciated!
I've been remiss in not posting more. I gotta get busy. :redface:

The SWO version of Carrier Landings is classic! :yllol: