broken bones? possible DQ?


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Jul 17, 2008
I wanted to know beforehand if my surgery could DQ my application. I was hit by a SUV on a crosswalk in January of 2007 but "luckily" I only ended up with fractured radius towards the wrist. I had open surgery and it went successfully. But now I have micro plate and some screws in there permanently. It doesnt affect or hinder me in any ways, so I was wondering what could be the possible scenario when I go for the examination.
As long as the fracture has healed, and the hardware does not cause any problems there will be no issues.

Make sure you get copies of all medical records concerning the accident, surgery and all follow up examinations. DoDMERB will be requesting those. Do not send them to DoDMERB until they request them.
RetNavyHM is correct in everything he said. One addition to the "healing and no problems" aspect, would be the surgeon releases you to full and unrestricted activity
My pleasure. Thanks for the private email too. As soon as USAFA lets me know you are a valid applicant for them, we'll work with you to get things underway.