Broken Bones


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Jun 9, 2006
Posting a "hypothetical" on behalf of another poster. Let's say you break your collarbone. Assuming it heals ok, how much of an impediment is this to getting Dodmerb clearance? Thanks.

If this "hypothetical" applicant just fractured his/her collarbone, then he/she should be back to full activities in the next 8 weeks. In this case it would not be an issue. I would have this "hypothetical" applicant submit copies of the medical records to DoDMERB after being released to full activities by his/her physician. Any fracture that occurs after April I would be much more concerned about. If a "hypothetical" applicant has a fracture that requires any surgical intervention (hardware, bone graft, non-union of the fracture), would be a disqualification, and the earlier that DoDMERB is aware of it, the faster the wavier authorities can start the wavier process.
Four (healed) fractures later and I am still here. As long as there are no long-term effects, you should be fine.