Dec 24, 2015
So I passed my DODMERB with no problems. I was diagnosed with Bronchitis a couple of days ago and was given antibiotics for treatment. I'm almost back to normal now. Do I need to report this? If so, how do I go about doing that when it all occurred over the summer? I'm a rising sophomore if that helps. Thanks!
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If you have no history of Bronchitis, asthma or breathing problems, very well "may" not be an issue. You can check out older post under "items mistakenly left off dodmerb medical questionnaire" may provide some guidance. Dodmerb can give you directions. Good luck.

Contact information for Dodmberb is:

8034 Edgerton Drive, Suite 132 USAF Academy, CO 80840-2200

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A - COK Robin Solomon 719-333-7160

COL - GRAG AnnaMarie Stowe 719-333-7093

GRAH - LAMB Kathleen Ometer 719-333-7081

LAMC - OLB Karla Passer 719-333-7263

OLC - SLOU Phyllis Gladden 719-333-7323

SLOV - Z Kenneth Payne 719-333-7221

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Sorry for not being clear. I passed DODMERB with no issues. I am a contracted cadet now and a rising AS 200. I was wondering if I need to report this or not?
I can only speak for the Army ROTC contract form 597-3. It states:

"I also agree to inform the PMS of any change in my eligibility (medical and non-medical) based on current or revised requirements as soon as I know or should have known of a change in my eligibility status. Failure to so advise the PMS may result in disenrollment."

I am unsure if bronchitis that you have fully been released from constitutes a change in eligibility.

People get sick or hurt and recover My DS is a contracted MS-II Army cadet and fractured his elbow and pelvis in January but has since fully recovered. He immediately reported it to his cadre and once he got well, he went back to normal battalion activities (with a doc's note).

But to be safe, I would let your detachment advisor know that you had bronchitis and have recovered. There may be a requirement for a simple physician's release or something along those lines, but it would be best to communicate with your chain of command and ensure that you are following procedure.

Perhaps someone more familiar with AFROTC can chime in to be sure.
My only thing is what you said earlier. I don't know if my status has changed. I mean the requirement is that you can't have asthmatic bronchitis after 13. Which I definitely don't have. What I had was just a cold that turned into a mild case of bronchitis. So I would assume that I don't need to report anything. I,m not even going to miss any AIr Force events since it's the summer now. I guess I'll just email one of my cadre to double check. Thanks again!
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If it is a temporary condition that lasts for less than 45 days then there will be no change in your medical qualification. At least for the Army.