Bulking it up

It depends on what supplement drink you take, Jamzmom. Creatine and other supplements such as 5-Tetra and No-Xplode are for pumps/muscle recovery. Protein is more for growth, think of it this way. Taking protein is like putting a new bigger engine in your car, it's going to make it "bigger", where as creatine and other creatine based supplements are like putting more gas in your car. It's just going to give it that temporary boost.
I'm not uptodate on my muscle/protein information as it's been awhile since I last used it... but from what I understand and I'll try to keep it short lol.

Your body needs proteins to build muscle, after a person exercises their body will start to break down the muscles and rebuild them, if you do not have enough protein/carbohydrates, your body will break down those muscles for energy. If you have enough protein and carbohydrates, then you should be gaining muscle. Having the right diet with adequate vitamins/minerals, would aid in recovery, it's why at BUD/s they eat so much and don't really need that much sleep. I don't know exact numbers, but it has been estimated that those guys eat 4,000-6,000 calories a day, and yet they can do it all day long, all week long, with little rest.

Hellweek for example, so long as they are eating and getting an hour or so of sleep a day, that is enough time for the body to start the process of repairing/rebuilding and healing. So, the most important thing is to eat enough.

Just wanted to mention, the body only uses a certain amount of proteins daily, all of the extra proteins will be converted into energy just like a carbohydrate.
I love having my very own little chemistry group. Thanks people for helping a Mom out. I guess I'll send them their stuff now. Got an email this morning asking if I had sent it yet. Little did they know, I was using a research group first. LOL One of them is asking about chain amino acids & how they come in capsule form. They want me to research that as well as they have almost dial up speed net on the ship. Ya'll wouldn't happen to know about this too would ya?