Buying Additional White over Gray Uniforms


Feb 27, 2017
Is it easy for Cadets to buy additional White over Gray uniforms? Is the uniform shop/tailoring shop located in the cadet store?
I don't know where to buy extras, likely cadet store, but cadet should ask their team leader if a plebe. The uniform factory is up the hill past Ike Hall before you get to the cemetery.
what happened, you lose them? Man, I had like 4 whole sets I never wore my entire time there
The white shirts are now just the same shirts worn as part of ASU's. They can be bought at the PX. Trousers you'll have to go to WB4 and they will work to either DX or tailor your current sets if they are not fitting right or set you up to buy replacements.

Pants I never had to worry about. I got extras as hand me downs from a teammate that graduated when I lost my good ones. Shirts I had to buy new ones occasionally but that was more because I ruined them in one escapade or another that the white was never going to look good again.