Cadet Summer is Over. Time flies by.

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    For most, there's still another 3-4 weeks of summer. I base my summer currently on the academy and my son. After graduation in may, my son spent 3 weeks at Wright Patterson doing an intern with some Psych Research. Then he came back and did 3 weeks for BCT Part I. During that, he had a couple days off, and he came home for 2 days. "Mainly to renew his driver's license". But we got to at least see him. Then he went back and finished his 3 week BCT Part I. Then he had 3 weeks of vacation. But he wanted to volunteer at an orphanage in Peru. So we got to see him for about 3-4 hours as we picked him up at the academy and drove him to DIA for his flight. He spent a week sight seeing and 2 weeks helping at the orphanage. We got to see him for a few hours yesterday when we picked him up at DIA and brought him back to the academy. We spent the night and had breakfast with him this morning. Then we headed home so he could get settled back into his new room.

    At the same time, the doolies have come back out of Jacks and pretty much have finished BCT. They're getting their laptops, permanent rooms, books, etc... in the next couple of days. They'll have "A-Day" on wednesday, and then school starts on Thursday.

    Where does the time go. 3 years down, and his senior year has begun. At least this year we get 7 home football games. That's 7 weekends I'll get to see him this fall. Plus the last game is at CSU, which is literally 30 minutes down the road. He'll come up for that game, and to see some friends. We've planned a christmas cruise for the family, and then the home stretch kicks in.

    Of course, if you ask the cadets, they'll say it seems like the academy has lasted forever. It's not until they graduate that they realize that it went by so fast. But I can understand their perspective. My son has 8 classes and a P.E. class this first semester. Very similar schedule for many at the academy. When you've got that many classes, things can definitely seem to take forever.

    So why did I start this thread? Perspective. Many times we forget the perspective of our parents, of our children, of others writing on the forums, of our teachers, etc... When I was in the military, the perspective I had on my 21 years was based on my Next PCS (Permanent Change of Station), my next promotion cycle, returning from a TDY (Temporary Duty) so I could see my wife and kids again, and when could I retire? I've been retired now for 12 years. It literally seems like yesterday that I was in the air force. It doesn't see that I'm really this old

    So when our kids (Cadets) speak of BCT, the academy, classes, etc... in their letters, phone calls, and emails; realize that they have a perspective. You might not think it's a big deal. But it might be a big deal to them. When an applicant, cadet, parent, etc... posts something on the forum, realize that they have a perspective. It might be totally different than yours. If you have experience, you can share your perspective. Maybe it will provide light for the others. Maybe they'll adjust their perspective.

    With A-Day coming, and the school year ready to begin, remember that each person has a perspective. Especially if you're a parent discussing with your 4 degree and what feedback you're getting from them. Or those who have a lot more experience, who are trying to inform the new cadet, candidate, or parent.

    Anyway, with the new year starting in a couple of days, just some light hearted thoughts. I myself have been involved with the academy for over 6 years, and with college students, rotc, and enlistees for more than 10 years. I've gotten pretty use to all of this. I find myself sometimes forgetting how emotional and stressful it can be for someone new to the program. When I read someone's post or get their question in person at a school or something; no matter how insignificant I might think it is..... I have to remember that it's very important to this individual. So when you new cadet parents read letters, emails, and phone calls from your cadets, and about how hard it can be or that it sucks.... Remember that it's their perspective. They'll get through it. They all do. But don't make light of it either. To them, it's very important. And for the veterans.... The application process has begun. We're going to start getting all the questions again. Many that we've heard 32,434,675 times. Some we'll think are silly. But to the new person, they aren't silly. I have to remind myself of this almost daily.

    Anyway; this summer has gone by fast. Looking forward to my son's senior year. Looking forward to the Falcons winning the Mountain West Conference Football Championship. Looking forward to Thudgate, so I can see all my brothers and sisters again. Haven't seen them in 8 months. Best of luck to all the new C4C's. Congrats to the C3C, C2C, and C1C for making it this far. Best of luck in your classes. later.... mike.....
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    1. Isn't that the truth. There was ALWAYS something to look forward to during those AD years.
    2. Parents of freshmen know that you will be hearing opposing opinions come out of your cadet's mouth on a monthly, weekly, daily, even hourly basis. Listen. Often they aren't looking for you to offer solutions, they are just sounding off and letting off steam. When they log off the message or hang up the phone - consider it good therapy, because by your listening you have lifted the weight off the cadet's shoulders.
    3. Amen! AFA football season can not start soon enough. Congrats to everyone and to everyone a good year.

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