Can I be a Navy EOD tech after graduating from USNA?


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Oct 24, 2019
Hi there! I am super interested in being an EOD technician with the Navy. I was wondering if going to USNA would be a good option for me - and if so, what types of courses and classes should I take to get me there?
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Sep 27, 2008
Questions are good - but doing your own research in the primary sources is even better. You are new to all this, so I’ll give you a few suggestions as to where to start your research.

Dive into You’ll learn about the mission and Navy and Marine Corps officer career paths available. There is a general outline of suggested courses for HS and profiles of what they are looking for. Yes, there is a small number of USNA grads who enter the EOD officer community each year from USNA.

Officers, by definition, are the leaders, the resource managers, the prioritizers, the operational risk analysts, who are accountable and responsible for the teams they lead and the mission they are tasked to accomplish. It’s a two-way relationship with the enlisted personnel, who are the hands-on subject matter experts, the critical group that works in concert to get jobs done, to trouble-shoot, to execute some of the hardest tasks on the planet. If an officer is the head of a unit, the enlisted are the hard-working heart, soul, arms and legs.

“EOD technicians” are the enlisted rates (enlisted military specialty) associated with the EOD community. Bomb techs!

You can find info on the EOD officer role below, as well as the enlisted. As you do your research, be clear on whether you are looking at officer or enlisted material. There is great pride and honor in serving in either path.

But first - read every page, drop down, hamburger menu item and link on Understanding USNA’s mission and what it takes is the foundation. There are many options in terms of career paths, and USNA midshipmen learn about those before they draw up a list of preferences their senior year. You have to know you want to serve as an officer if you apply to USNA, Navy ROTC in college, or OCS after you graduate college. If you want to talk EOD technician, you can walk into the nearest Navy recruiting office and talk to the enlisted recruiter there - they will happily talk with you, give you a test, set you up for medical, discuss what enlisted career paths you qualify for, and book you a date at boot camp before you’ve had a chance to frame your HS diploma. Do your homework and research the officer vs. enlisted roles first, as well as look up the pay differences.

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