Can I celebrate Easter Triduum as a CVW "drag"?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by kangaroo2533, Mar 21, 2016.

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    So I'm going to the candidate visit weekend this Thursday-Saturday at USNA. This is during Triduum, the holiest time of the year for Catholics - holy thursday, good friday, and holy saturday. Would I be able to go to a holy thursday and good froday mass at USNA as a "drag"? Any info is appreciated. I just want to know so that I can ask to participate.
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    Yes. If your CVW host isn't Catholic or does not plan to participate, then ask if he could partner you up with some Mids who will be participating. USNA Chaplains know and understand the schedule Midshipmen keep and schedule things of this nature around their routines. Just ask your drag, they should be able to partner you up with someone if they themselves aren't participating.
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    Good for you, OP. There is a great Catholic community at USNA. The chaplain is beloved by the mids (not just the Catholic ones), and attendance at daily and Sunday Masses is high. The Catholic Midshipmen's Club also has good activities - Bible studies and trips (a group of them just finished a pilgrimage to Rome).

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