Can I redo the fitness assessment test?


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Jan 10, 2009
bball throw 82'
shuttle run 6. something
pushups 73
situps / max
pullups 8
mile 6'15 (i was dead tired haha!)

this was before school started so I was a bit lazy.. summer and all haha

but now i'm 100% into the track season, running like a madman again.. and lifting and whatnot.

I've improved in every aspect tremendously, but can I do the test again? I'm pretty sure I would kill the test now :)!
Unless your run is close to a 5-minute mark nothing will really change. CFA is generally a pass/fail, but I believe it can help you get recruited for track.
To retake it, have whoever re administers the test email the admissions department and they will update your file. make sure to include your candidate file.

One thing to note. The CFA is unlike retaking the ACT/SAT where they take your best submitted. With the CFA they only look at one score so if anything goes down you are stuck with that. This caution was given to my son by both BGO and admissions.
Nice job. Why would you want to retake?