Can I transfer to AROTC if I do not get Advanced Standing

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by autokrat, Nov 16, 2015.

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    Nov 4, 2015
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    I'm currently applying for an NROTC MO Scholarship but doubt I will receive it, so I will be entering it as a College Programmer and also take PLC 6-week during my Sophomore Year.

    However, I'm unsure about whether or not I will be able to get Advanced Standing for whatever reason (None are awarded, budget cuts, .etc) . In that case (And if I'm still qualifying for ROTC) could I transfer into Army ROTC and commission once I graduate?
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    I'm not sure you can do both NROTC and PLC at the same time. You need to research it but I don't think you can.
    It's always possible you may not get Advanced Standing and sometimes for reasons you cannot control. I know of guys who left NROTC MO during sophomore year because they saw the writing on the wall regarding Advanced Standing. They transition successfully to AROTC. They started conversation with the nit on campus but other than that I do not know what process was involved, if any.
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    That is also my understanding. Compete for advanced standing. If you don't get it, then apply PLC. If that doesn't work then OCC. Can't mix them. Some ROTC units have more interaction with PLC members than others. It is really an MOI/AMOI decision on that.

    I have no idea on the transfer part and how that works. I know some USAF guys if they are not selected for SFT make that jump to Army and I know some MO NROTC folks will do that. I am sure talking with the PMS at your school is the first step to make that happen. Will leave the official answer to someone likes Clarkson.
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    Short answer: yes. But don't expect it to be a guarantee or that you'll commission on time. You would have to be offered a contract (similar to being accepted for Advanced Standing) and then complete all Army ROTC requirements. But just know that Army ROTC doesn't wait til the last minute to fill their spots, meaning that if you try to jump into the program (and keep the same timeline for graduation) it might not happen. You might be forced to delay graduation in order to be offered a contract. And a contract is still not guaranteed just because you want one, expect competition that you'll be 2 years behind on.

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