Can reentry code of 4c in AF be changed for eczema?


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Dec 31, 2017
My son was recently medically discharged from the airforce after doing 4 weeks in bmt. They sent him to medhold for 1 week and denied his waiver for eczema saying he had erroneous enlistment. What do you mean 'erroneous'? MEPs knew he had eczema and cleared him after he saw the MEPs doctors twice on two visits. A dermatologist was also assigned to see him and both parties cleared him but I don't know why they didn't provide a waiver. Lackland should have checked his file and contacted MEPs. They said he shouldn't have been cleared by MEPs. He had his eczema under controlled too. His re-entry code is 4c which I think it's absurdly harsh. Saw on another letter/paper he came back with stating that he's eligible to re-enlist per MEPs. So, why are the two papers contradictory? What can he do? He really wants to join the airforce. Help!
You might want to contact the recruiter directly. This forum is more geared towards candidates looking to go the officer route (ie: military academies, ROTC or OCS) and not the enlistment route. Good luck.