Candidate Kit Instructions and ALO?


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May 1, 2008
So recently I just got a congressional nomination however have yet to receive Candidate Kit Instructions. I already emailed the academy however still haven't gotten a response. I'd contact my ALO but I lost her number and don't exactly know where I can contact her again. I saw another forum that said I can find contact info on the admissions page but I just can't find it. So my two basic questions are:

Should I have gotten my Candidate Kit Instructions Yet?
How do I find out who my ALO is and how do I contact them?
a nomination does not mean you got it. I do not know if you received an appointment yet, but if not, then you have to wait to get your kit.
Thanks for the quick response. So about how long after filling out the precandidate questionnaire should I be receiving the kit? I filled it out around August.
I think he's actually talking about the candidate form like the essays, extracurrics, and SOEs.

After you fill out the pre-questionnaire and send in your SAT scores, they should open up your candidate portal.
Hmm, I'm just annoyed cause I have a shoulder situation that I need to get a waiver for and I don't think I can really do anything until I get that kit.
I sent my ACT scores through the website. So I just double checked the application site. So are there two different applications? Precandidate and the one that is up now?
Unless I'm mistaken, after the precandidate questionnaire the rest is just the Online application. I thought THAT was the "Candidate Kit Instructions". Have you had access to the online application? You are talking about this year's application correct? Class of 2013? If you're talking about class of 2014, I don't believe that is available until after May.

Sorry if I am totally misunderstanding what you are asking. later... mike....
Oh ok. So the candidate kit instructions are basically filled out online? And yeah I'm entering in 2009 for class of 2013.
I'm pretty sure that is what we're talking about here. You have finished filling out your online application; correct? E.g. teacher's emails for recommendations, essay, personal data, sent transcripts, act/sat, medical, cfa, etc... What does your status show? mike.... P.S. On your online application it gives you the name of your ALO and the name/number of your academy counselor.
No I haven't filled out the online application yet because I thought it was Precandidate Questionnaire. Thanks for clearing it up.

Edit: One more question. For the GPA do I simply scale it down for a 4.0 scale since my school goes on a 4.5 scale?
So 3.93 -> 3.495 ?
JLimmy: I was really hoping that I was reading your thread incorrectly and that we weren't really talking about the online application. But being we are; I really suggest that if you are still interested in the Air Force academy, that you go "Balls to the Wall" and get that online application completed. Not everything on there can be done "Online". e.g. transcripts, teacher's recommendations, etc... Some will take time. And time is something you are really running out of here. I assume you HAVEN'T even had an interview with your ALO. Especially considering you don't know who s/he is. Also, you haven't done your CFA (Candidate Fitness Assessment). Also, that you haven't gotten you medical physical done yet.

Log into your online application. It will state WHO is your ALO and WHO is your academy counselor is. If we are talking about the same thing here, then you really need to get a hold of your ALO and bust butt to get this accomplished. Because s/he hasn't heard from you, they probably think you are no longer interested. They see updates of your online application. If you didn't know it was there, then you obviously haven't done any of it.

Now, for the bright side. My son went to the Summer seminar in June 2007. As soon as that was completed, the online application process became available to start. My son started the ONLINE application, medical, interview with ALO, physical, essays, etc... on approximately June 15th 2007. He was 100% complete with EVERYTHING on the application on July 19th 2007. Just over 30 days. Status changed to complete and everything. Now, can you do all this in 30 days? I don't know. But his was the 1st application totally complete in the country that year. I only tell you this to show that you still have a chance. That you can get it done fast if you really want to. The fact that you have a nomination is actually good. That is one of the most difficult parts of the process. Familiarize yourself with the application, but your 1st priority is to get in contact with your ALO. Unfortunately, the online application is just going to show their email. Hopefully they will respond to you. You need that person in your life really bad right now. An ALO can't get a person a nomination, but they can definitely stop a person from getting a nomination with their interview and recommendation.

best of luck to you. I really hope I am wrong and that we are talking about 2 different things here. I'm really hoping that you've done your physical, ALO interview, had your school send transcripts and a school profile, had teachers do their letters of recommendations, did your CFA (Pullups, situps, run, basketball throw, etc...). I hope you did all these things and that I am just totally misunderstanding your post. Best of luck to you. Mike....

P.S. If I'm not wrong, and you haven't finished any of the application, just so you know; you can NOT be even considered for the academy unless your application is 100% complete. Your application won't even get reviewed until the computer spits it out as 100%. In other words, the academy doesn't even know you exist. Except if they look up your social security number. Then they can tell you what part of the application isn't finished and who your ALO is, and some personal data. Good luck to you.
Oh boy thanks for the info. Seems like I've got some major work to do. But the deadline for all of the paper forms is March 1st right?
I just did the application this morning. So now all I have to do is get all the forms in by March 1st right? Thats what the timeline says.
SemperExcelsius is correct. I believe the final date to accept a completed application is Jan 31st. I'm not saying that you can't get this done in time, but you are really going to be pushing it. The things that can't be completed online are transcripts, teachers recommendations, ALO interview, CFA, and medical. If you are in real good shape, you should be able to do the CFA quickly. I WOULD PRINT the teacher recommendation forms; have them fill them out manually; and then fax/scan/email them to the academy. The normal method of having the academy email the teachers and such will take probably the entire month.

The ALO interview is going to be "CHALLENGING". The first question from your ALO is going to be a very SIMPLE question. "WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG TO CONTACT ME AND START YOUR APPLICATION?" Make sure you have a really good answer. The transcripts can be done relatively quickly. The medical is going to need some scheduling. Get that started immediately. And ALL the other online that you can actually do online, FINISH IT BEFORE THE WEEKEND IS OVER!!!

I'm not trying to sound discouraging, but I truly hope that you have some other colleges set up that you have applied to. I recommend that to everyone. Even to my son when he had the academy applications completed. You just never know. In your situation, I have to say that you have put yourself into a major disadvantage trying to get accepted. You first and biggest hurdle is the ALO. Hopefully you have a kick butt resume to impress him/her with. E.g. 4.0 gpa; class rank #1-5; 3-4 years of varsity letters in athletics; all high end challenging classes such as the IB program or at least a lot of AP classes; etc.... Best of luck to you. Not trying to be negative. Just trying to put it into perspective. You've got one of the most challenging task in front of you. And the odds are definitely against you. But, this is a good time to see how bad you really want this type of education and a military service obligation and way of life. If you can convince your ALO; then you have a chance. If you can pull this off an have everything 100% in the next 5 weeks, then you definitely deserve it. Givem Hell. Mike.....

P.S. It's been almost 2 years since I looked at the online application. Not sure how much of it needs to be done by Jan 31st and how much by March 1st. But your ALO will have all those answers. Try and find/contact that person. If you have their name on the online app, then look it up in the phone book and call them.
Thanks I'm gonna need it. So does the Academy request any specific type of recommendation from or can I just submit letters. Cause I already have the recommendations, transcripts and such sent but I don't know if there is a specific format for them.

When I sent in my letters of recommendation, they were however my teachers, etc. wrote them. Christcorp is giving you excellent advice, but I strongly suggest you get moving. The Academy uses a rolling acceptance, meaning that they don't wait until March/April to figure out who the best is. There are guys who already have their appointments, so the sooner the better. And I recommend getting in touch with DoDMERB ASAP. It took a month before my medical could be worked in... those doctors are very busy. Best of luck to you.
Thanks I'm gonna need it. So does the Academy request any specific type of recommendation from or can I just submit letters. Cause I already have the recommendations, transcripts and such sent but I don't know if there is a specific format for them.

JLimmy: Log onto your application and look at what it asks. It is fairly self explanatory. And the letters of rec. only require an email of 3 teachers. They fill out an online letter of recommendation then they email it into the academy. That was one of the quickest things to do in the application.

As ChristCorp said, the DoDMERB stuff is probably going to take the longest. I'm surprised you didn't get anything in the mail about that.

Last, you can definitely get it all done by Jan 31st... Just don't rush things like the writing sample and activities record. Thank goodness the entire thing is online other than the transcripts which your school needs to turn in. So start working on those writing samples now, and leave them for a bit to percolate, then correct them and submit them. You have 36 days, use them wisely (But enjoy your break! Senior year is a killer (sometimes :wink: ), enjoy this last real break till the spring!) :thumb:
Every year there are "late" applicants.
JLimmy, if you completed the online application this morning then when you get back to school I suggest you go see your guidance counselor.

You and your counselor can meet and plan on how to get the transcripts and letters of recommendation in to admissions.
Your transcripts need to be "official" - that is stamped with the school seal and only your guidance counselor can do this. Most schools want letters that are sealed and signed across the seal by the writer.

There really is no reason this process should take longer than two weeks. Hopefully, you are in good shape and can schedule and take your CFA, asap. The running part needs to be done outside on a track, so this is weather dependent.

I also suggest you contact admission at the academy, tell them that you just received a nomination and are in the process of completing your academy application.

Not sure what drives Dodmerb for AFA, it could be he needs to finish the online application or be deemed a competitive candidate. In any case, you have until end of May or so to be medically qualified. If you aren't by then then you wouldn't have been anyway.

As far as your ALO interview goes - just be honest. I am pretty sure the AFA is looking for the best possible candidate to become cadets. If you are one, then you have a fair shot.
Every year there are kids who are either late athletic recruits or show up for their nomination interviews not realizing they needed to complete the school application as well. You are not alone.
Good Luck!