Can't find ALO contact info.

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Jul 22, 2017
After reading the admissions steps and other threads, it seems that contacting my local ALO early on seems important. I used USAFA's "Find Your ALO" tool on their website and all that came up was a name. I was confused as to how I could contact someone given only their name and so I figured maybe it was a bug. I then looked up other schools near me who would likely have the same person and sure enough all that came up was a name. I finally searched random schools which would not have the same ALO and all of those results came up with a name and e-mail address. I'm wondering if anyone else has or had this same problem and can help me find my ALO. Thanks!
Contact the USAFA Admissions office. They have a regional admissions counselor for your area. She/he should be able to assist you finding your ALO or at least the contact information. USAFA may not realize that contact information is not showing up for your local ALO.