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J Collins

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Aug 5, 2008
I know there are tons of directions to go..

(1) but what direction is your son/daughter planning on going after graduation, AND (2) is that choice it different from what they wanted to do when they entered the Academy?

(3) Was USMMA their first choice of SA?
Even though you asked for current mid responses I'll give you what happened to me as well:

1) Had no clue what I wanted to do upon graduation when I reported. During my time there it went from sailing, to aviation, to shoreside employment, to finally medicine. I think I may have even contemplated law school in there as well.

2)I had never heard of USMMA until I went to a congressional service academy night where a rep talked about it. I initially wanted to go to AFA, and went to their summer seminar; however, after visiting Kings Point I quickly changed my mind as I just felt "at home" there and really didn't feel that at USAFA or USNA.
Will reply for my D -

1/2 - She's majoring in Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management. Every now and again, when she's feeling overwhelmed with school work, she talks about dropping Shipyard Management. But she wants to keep her options open as much as possible. She plans to stay civilian, but hasn't ruled out going Active Duty. She plans to use her sea year options to get experience in as many different areas as she can so she can make a more informed decision.

3 - USMMA was the only academy she wanted. She visited the summer before her junior year of high school and it was her #1 choice from then on. She just knew it was "right."