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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Boots, Oct 7, 2015.

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    Hello all. I'm a current senior applying to West Point. However I've recently been in a bit of a struggle understanding my potential career paths based on what I am interested in pursuing now. I believe it would be very beneficial to have an idea of what I hope to be doing in four years. I have been interested in international conflict and negotiation and would like to study international relations at West Point. I understand that with this major cadets will focus on a certain country or region during the last two years of school. My question is what are some typical career paths in the army that previous graduates have followed. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
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    Boots - in simple terms, you'll be a platoon leader in charge of XX Soldiers in XXXXX branch. Your branch will depend on your preferences and how well you do at school. The number of Soldiers depends on how that branch and/or unit organizes its Soldiers. After a few years, you may get to be a company XO or you'll be on staff. Once that tour is up (about 3 years), you'll go off to the career course and then onto a staff assignment while you compete for company command.

    A good lay out of the branches is on the ROTC website, but realize some of these are not available directly after graduation.
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    What would be deploying to or fighting in a foreign country - international conflict and negotiation. The military has been an overused tool for international conflict and negotiation. If you major in International Relations, you should learn that national power consists of Diplomatic, Information, Military, and Economic components. If you think about what we did in last 50 years or so, I would argue that we used military power most to manage our foreign relations.
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    You should probably think about your major in terms of what you might do after the Army. While in the service your major may have very little to do with your mission.

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