cash to bring


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Nov 3, 2007
I think I remember reading somewhere how much cash (and the specific breakdown of denominations) to bring...but can't find it now...anyone have that info?
In last year's "Information for New Cadets and Parents" it was listed under "DO NOT BRING" (on page 8, might be different in this year's edition):

h. A large amount of money (exceeding $100).

Your cadet candidate will need some money while traveling to WP for R-Day and to shop at the Cadet store (when allowed) during Beast. From what I remember from last year, anything over $100 will be collected on R-Day and deposited in their Cadet Account. I don't remember there being a specific list of denominations. I remember sending a few $5s, $10s and $20s with my cadet candidate.
On R-Day my son took $100 in smaller bills just like wpmom2011's daughter did. (GMTA...:shake:)

This $$ question reminds me that he was glad he took a nylon/fabric wallet to use during Beast...this type dries faster than leather. During the academic year he used a very flat leather wallet (we took the leather one to him on A-Day).