Caution if driving on West Point, SLE, R-Day and A-Day


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Sep 22, 2015
I posted this elsewhere but thought I would do it here as well to hopefully save people the aggravation. If you are driving onto West Point for SLE, R-Day or A-Day do NOT speed. The speed limits are lower than you may be used to and there are hills on West Point where you must pay attention or you will quickly exceed the posted speed limit. The primary speed limit is 25 MPH on post; if you are passing a house on any road other than Washington the speed limit is probably 15 or lower. The MPs (Military Police), know the places where people tend to speed and will give tickets for speeding as well as for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. I'd hate for someone to have added stress.
This applies to most of the Service Academies. I don't recall seeing anything over 25 MPH on any of them.
Also, you cannot drive and talk on a cell phone in Highland Falls. I'm not sure about the rest of NY, but do check the laws.