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Sep 13, 2017
Hello - my son is applying for AROTC and at the PMS interview stage in his application. However, his application shows the CBEF as complete, but he did not complete it. We have sent a couple emails asking for assistance, but no one has replied yet (it has been about 5 days).

Did he somehow lose the opportunity to complete it? He skipped over the tab to upload is transcript and ACT scores and now it says CBEF complete.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you in advance!
He should of been able to "skip over it" meaning just click on the other tabs, but it can only be opened and started once, hopefully you will get some assistance soon. And I would suggest having him pick up the phone and call cadet command instead of just emailing. Good luck!
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He should definitely call the help desk and complete the CBEF. It is worth 18% of the whole person score.