CBT Letters


Apr 14, 2017
I know it's only the first week and they've been completely busy, but has anyone received letters yet??
Yes. Not me but another parent received a letter on Friday.
some squad leaders made their squad send letters home a couple of days ago. don't think it was widespread. no guarantee if you'll receive a letter.
Squad leaders make them write the first day...they don't all make them mail them. I know my DS made sure his squad did both.
The July 4th holiday is going to delay the mail service. Most new cadets had to write a letter on Monday night, but it did not leave in the mail until Wednesday at the earliest. Some parents who live close have reported receiving the first letter on Friday. We are anxiously waiting as well.
No mail up here in MI either, but, we got info to expect a call tomorrow. New Cadets will be allowed to make a two minute call in the afternoon. Not sure if it's a squad thing or if all will be calling around the same time.
No letters to our house yet but our DD called today. We received a text this morning telling us she was going to call today. It was only a 2 minute call.

She is good. Likes her roommates....and yes she said she wrote us a letter.

She did say that her group has been "dropped" a lot because the boys in her squad keep messing up.....take that comment from a tired 18yr old that now has to get up at 04:30!
2 minutes for a phone call.....i read that the Swabbies are given 30 minute to make phone calls....
Letter arrived today, sounds like west coast mail is starting to arrive. No phone call yet. She says very hard 1st week but doing well overall. Seemed to be in good frame of mind.
No mail at this house. During the 2 Minute Call, he explained, "Your letter is almost finished." I won't hold my breath but he sounded great.
Just got the phone call. She said she mailed a letter but we haven't received it yet. She did receive the one we sent to her on R-Day from Ike Hall, and asked for more (we mailed out two more earlier today). She was hoarse but sounded good. She was really concerned about not going over the two minutes. The call seemed like it lasted 10 seconds, but sure enough when I looked on my phone history it was 2 minutes.
Got the call and a letter today. Call was shorter than two minutes. As of 1pm today, she did not receive any mail from us even though we sent a letter out of Ike Hall. I guess she'll get a whole bundle one of those days...
MI received July 10 postmarked 6th wrote on 5th.
Our mail service has been slow for a year or so now, almost nothing gets delivered on Sat. anymore.

Mom glued to the phone just in case . . .
Suggest you number your letters somewhere on the outside of the envelope so that when they get more than one they know which one to open first.
Suggest you number your letters somewhere on the outside of the envelope so that when they get more than one they know which one to open first.

In ancient times with snail mail dependency we just looked at the cancelled stamp and read the postmark date . . . ;)