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Anybody know what cell provider has the best coverage at USAFA? I went to SS last summer and my provider (C-Spire) had horrible coverage. I was lucky to get 1 bar of 3G anywhere and mostly had no service at all. Didn't matter too much then, but now, being a 2021 appointee, I do care:D


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Verizon works well in spots-it does not work in some of the lower dorm rooms of Sijan. Other posters can advise; you may to see what dorm you end up in before picking a provider.


There should be a thread from last year about this.

However, DD had Sprint, and seems to work well. All carriers are hit and miss in some areas. Hopefully some current Cadets can chime in.
Verizon is definitely the best regardless of dorm. AT&T works well in Vandy and is decent in Sijan. Sprint is what I have and is on and off depending on where you are. Best advice is to wait until you get here to see where you end up location wise, but I'd also recommend buying the civilian wifi they offer.


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Son had AT&T all 4 years, lived in both Sijan and Vandy, and never had any reception issues anywhere.



Anybody know what cell provider has the best coverage at USAFA?....
...All carriers are hit and miss in some areas....
Capri120, and all other posters have it correct in that no provider which is strictly dominant in all areas. It will depend on where you wind up.

It would probably be best to plan on choosing a provider once you are there. In the case of my DS he was on a T-Mobile plan but also took an AT&T pre-paid SIM with him which we could top up via the web. He used both SIMs through September but ultimately found that AT&T worked better in his room in Vandy and switched to AT&T. The key was having an unlocked phone. He also used Google phone to redirect calls to whichever SIM was actually installed in his phone. He too mostly uses the civilian WIFI which is overpriced relative other universities. But that's another topic.


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Don't worry about cell coverage. You'll be too busy and won't have time to use a phone your Doolie year. ;):)
Seriously though, my DS has AT&T and hasn't had problems. Also having the civilian Wi-Fi helps.