cell phone coverage at the academy and surroundings


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Jun 10, 2007
My daughter has been accepted into the USCGA for fall 08. I realize they can't have cell phones, computers, etc during swab summer, but I am looking long term here. We are currently using AT&T (formerly cingular ) phones. I want to add a line and give her her own phone for use out there. It would be a lot cheaper if I could just add her to our Cingular (AT&T) plan. Does anyone know how the coverage is both at the Academy and in New London? And if coverage seems OK, how about in the dorm rooms?

ive got the same service and it works fine. sometimes you have to get near a window but for the most part it works

I am thinking of getting her a cellphone that has an MP3 player, fairly good camera and FM radio built in. If you don't mind my asking, what are the cellphone restrictions/etiquette at the Academy.


First of all congrats to your daughter. Other than when she's on Eagle or flag ceremony day, she won't be able to use the phone until the academic year begins. Then she will pretty much be able to use it as she sees fit. I wouldn't go too fancy as they have been known to lose them. My son has gone through four I think since he got there in 05. :shake:
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I have to renew her contract anyhow, and this phone is only $50 so I may give it a try. She is not a big gadget freak and would like something like this that has all the things rolled into one.

Thanks one and all

Just an FYI kinda thing. The son is on phone #3 since 2005. He has a better record than some Coastie kid I know. LOL

One of the phones they told us, was pretty much wrecked by the salt air when he was out to sea. He'd specifically gotten a "construction grade" phone without all the gadgets before he set sail. I learned the hard way about the phones. Save your $$.
At AIM I got good reception with Verizon in Chase Hall the entire week.
I had Cingular my entire time at CGA. It worked fine. I'm sure the rules have changed a little. In the past you could only use phones in certain areas outside, and you really can't move around while you're on them (aka, don't walk in uniform and talk on a cell phone, that's in the real Coast Guard too). There were also designated areas in Chase Hall which had pay phones...there too you could use your cell phone. Now, last time I was there, you can also use cell phones in your room during the academic year. DO NOT walk around Chase Hall talking on the phone in the P-ways (hall ways). Do not use your phone in academic buildings. If you have your phone...do not have the ringer on.

I had a classmate who got a call during a brief, answered it, and was told to excuse himself. It was awkward for everyone as he was marched out of that lecture hall.

Do not have and hide a cell phone during swab summer, the cadre WILL find it, and your life will quickly become a living hell.


She is not a phone-aholic and does not own one now. (Our three kids share one as needed). I just figured it would be useful to have after swab summer. She doesn't really call many people just to talk. I realize most kids have cell phones now, but she could really care less. We have a phone card and a toll-free call-in number. How about having her just use the pay phones. Does that work well? And if we were to go that route, how would we call her?

BR2011 might want to answer that, I'm not sure i the payphones are still there. You could get the number for the payphones and call that number...if a cadet heard it ringing, they run out to answer it. I did that a few times, but someone was always speaking Spanish on the other end (and I took four years of German in HS).

Honestly, I would recommend a cell phone on your family plan. That will pay off while she's off in NYC or Boston and can't get to a pay phone.
yah the payphones are gone (at least i've never seen any). i would say that a cell phone is definitely a good idea.

and yes do not try to hide a cell phone over swab summer. we had someone try that in our company and they got caught.
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Thanks for the input........and she doesn't have to worry about hiding it......we will probably bring it to her on labor day!
Just an idea.....shipped the phone all charged up right before the Eagle trip. They get phone privileges during that trip and then the phone are taken off then when they return to New London.
I enjoyed here from my Son during that week.