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Jul 10, 2017
Hi everybody,

I have been training for the CFA for a while now, and I have improved a lot overall. In my latest full practice CFA, I did:
  • Basketball: 63' 4"
  • Pullups: 6
  • Shuttle: 9.44 seconds
  • Situps: 59
  • Pushups: 48
  • 1 mile: 6:27
These are not my personal bests in each category, but my most recent scores for a full run-through.

What should I do to improve and become more competitive?

Thanks for the help!
Do pullups, pushups, and situps every day. There is no mystical secret - just get stronger and better.
Eat and sleep well; get plenty of protein in a healthy diet.
Straight up go and practice it three times a week. The CFA is not as easy as one might think. After doing sit-ups, the body is tired and the mile is hard. Go out and just practice it.