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    I know there is a maximum # or time for each of the CFA exercises but what is the minimum # for each that should be achieved? What would be the best play or way for my son to let them know that my son did a marathon at 16 and 17.
    Do the congressman and Senators wait till all the applications are in or is it on a rolling basis?
    For most candidates I just want to confirm it is senator, congressman and VP?
    His dad was in the marines as an enlisted person for 8 years. Are there any other ways for him to get a nomination?
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    In Wisconsin all nomination applications are due within a day or two of each other, Congressman and Senators. IMO, early is not as important as latest and best SAT/ACT scores. After all nom's are in, they schedule interviews at various locations around the state and after these are all done, they consider all candidates before making their choices. In terms of the marathon, include it in the Extra Curricular section. My son submitted an additional document to his file via email when he felt the standard choices in the app didn't cover everything. In terms of the CFA, train specifically for the test. I know at WP, they told us it was 10% of the total score. I think the average run time is 7:30 which your marathoner should have no problem with but he needs to train on the other aspects as well. If he fails any portion, he fails the CFT. My son did hundreds of push ups and situps every day leading up to the test. I think that you have the nom bases covered. There is a category specifically for sons and daughters of prior service but I think they have to be fully retired (20+ yrs) of MOH winners.
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    There are no published minimums - the standard answer is that he should shoot for the best possible score in all the events. You can look on the site for average scores, or search on this site for CFA to see how others have done.
    If his dad is still a Marine, with at least 8 years, he can get a nom that way, or if he was KIA or MIA, or retired at 20+ or due to injury. See here for the steps, fourth has info on Nomination paths.
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    IRT Presidential Nomination:
    IRT MOC Nominations:
    MOC's can conduct the nomination process whatever way they wish to. Most require applications to be submitted, with interviews following at a later date. Following the interviews, the MOC Service Academy board deliberates based on interview and application to create the slate, which is eventually approved by the MOC or SA coordinator. So for the majority of candidates, it isn't rolling, but one should check with their MOC, each are different!

    Every candidate that resides in the U.S. (except DC) is eligible for a minimum of four nominating slates:
    1. Senators (2)
    2. Congressman (1)
    3. Vice President (1)

    IRT CFA:
    The minimums are deliberately not published.

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