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    I realize that this must be the most asked question by candidates on the forums, but I have to ask, how did I do on the CFA?

    Throw: 74'6"
    Pull ups: 9
    Shuttle Run: 8.7
    Sit ups: 70
    Push ups: 50
    Mile: 6:50

    I am just a little worried because the only scores that I feel are decent are the basketball throw and the shuttle run. I had to rush to get my scores submitted because my ALO told me that the 3rd admissions board meets this Friday, and that 90% of appointments are given out by that 3rd meeting. Any input on these scores or my standings would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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    If you don't already have the academy brochure, you can click on the link in my signature block and download the PDF version.

    But to answer your question, according to the brochure, you're ABOVE average on the basketball throw. BELOW average on the pullups. Slightly above average on the shuttle and below average on the sit ups. Below average on the push ups and right at average on the mile run.

    Now, I didn't read into your post, so I'll assume you're a guy. If you're a girl, your scores kick butt.

    But I did read one thing that is the most important thing. "You SUBMITTED your scores". Why is that the most important thing? Because once they are submitted, you can not retake and resubmit your scores. (Not unless the academy chooses to ask you to retest - which is rare). Point is; you are now in the stage of: "There isn't anything you can possibly do to change it, so there is absolutely no sense in worrying about it". Doesn't matter if we think you did great or terrible. You can't change it. So don't worry about it.

    Now; to help you totally not unravel and ping off the walls; I will tell you, like many others probably have, that the academy looks at the WHOLE PERSON. If you have an excellent application, and the only thing weak are a couple of CFA tests, I wouldn't worry about it. If you also have weak GPA, SAT/ACT, etc... then these scores probably aren't going to help you. But again; they are submitted and there's nothing that can change from you worrying about them. Continue on with everything you're doing. Enjoy your senior year. Finish your applications to all your other universities and/or academies. Continue on with life.

    For what it's worth, there are plenty of people who practically ACE the CFA who don't receive appointments. Just like there are some that ace the SAT/ACT/GPA and don't receive appointments. And there are those who have a "WELL ROUNDED" application with AVERAGE scores who DO receive an appointment. Best of luck. Don't worry about it. (You can't do anything about it). And enjoy life. It's way too short. Later...... Mike......

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