CFA ?! help


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Aug 15, 2008
can you drop to the ground..and"shake it out..or is the drop stopping the whole pullups says 2 mins..but does that get stopped if you drop to the ground? 6 then shake it out then do 5?
You must stay in the pull-up position at all times, and may rest at the down position. So the answer is no.
On the pull-ups can you go up once your head has gone below the bar, or can you only go up again once youre arms have been fully extended (180 debrees)?
When we took the CFA at the Naval Academy and West Point, our elbows had to be down and lucked before we could go up again. But check with the guidelines.
i maxed out on pullups 18!pushups 75 and situps
above the average on the other 3 events
76 bball throw
6 13 mile
and 8.8 shuttle

anyone else max out on a few?
the test is scored in such a way that you do not need to max out on any event, in fact you could fail a certain event (for many the pull ups) and still pass as long as the rest of you scores are on par
i took my cfa and got
deadhang pullups-19
b-ball throw-78